Refrigerated Transport

Transport Holdings is a specialist refrigerated transporter and is at the forefront of ensuring the delivery of best practices available in temperature controlled transport. All vehicles are fitted with the latest technology in vehicle tracking including on-board cameras and enables real time monitoring of delivery statuses, geographical fencing, web services and navigation. TK tracking units are the latest technology in remote temperature monitoring management system. TK is a dynamic, web-enabled trailer tracking system that provides end-to end visibility of the refrigerated trailer. The TK module is attached to the fridge unit of the trailer to monitor the performance of the fridge unit, identify set points, supply air, return air and supply geographical locations of the fridge unit. The application also enables customers to track their vehicles /fridge units in real time, to receive important data and alarms, and to generate reports on data gathered. Data is transferred from the vehicles/ fridge unit in the fleet, to be displayed on the monitoring screens at customer sites. TK provides the ability to monitor an entire fleet’s actual position and route history at regular intervals, or on-demand. TK offers the ability to manage product temperature, trailer journeys and door openings. Transport Holdings operate on the inland corridors and in-country throughout southern Africa.


80 Thomas Road, Norton’s Home Estates, Benoni
PO Box 14148, Bredell, 1623, South Africa

+27 11 395 1414


Plot 14407 Makgadigau Road
Gaborone West Industrial
P.O. BOX 41008 Broadhurst

+267 392 2801


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