1. Are my goods insured while in transit with TH?

    1. For full loads, your goods are covered for up to R 650 000 on a first loss basis.
    2. For a consolidated consignment (various customers’ goods being consolidated on one vehicle, any consignment is only covered for up to R 5000)
    3. There are specific exclusions from our insurance cover. Goods expressly excluded from our insurance cover are Copper, electronic goods, tinned fish, cigarettes and other general goods (explosives included) excluding bullion, specie, jewellery, precious stones, cash, stamps, deeds, travellers cheques, documents, film, household goods, pre-paid phone cards, livestock and game. (this list is not exhaustive and we recommend you check with us before your goods are uplifted.)
  2. Am I liable for standing time.
    1. The rates you have been quoted are based on meeting assumed turnaround times. This includes set times for loading (generally 2 hours), off-loading (generally 2 hours), border times (generally 4 hours). If the assumed time is exceeded for whatever reason other than a breakdown or the transporter’s driver delaying unnecessarily, the customer is liable for standing time. Standing time is not a penalty, it is merely a cost recovery mechanism for a transporter to recover real costs incurred due to the fixed costs involved in operation a vehicle. The fixed cost recovery include elements such as the driver’s salary, interest and depreciation.


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